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A.I.M. High with Team Archer and Let Us Dream with you to help you Reach the Summit, the Apex and the Zenith of Gods Divine Destiny for your life, career, family and future.

We exist to turn pain into power and tragedy into triumph through the best motivational and inspirational messages ever delivered by anyone, anywhere through any medium.
Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in every country of the world through books, television, movies, seminars and crusades.
Christ-centered operation| Edify the body of Christ | Unify the human race |Glorify God. 

Ron Archer is a gifted communicator, a spellbinding speaker, and a force to be reckoned with when he stands behind a podium. Speaking without notes, relying on the Holy Spirit to give him the right words, and attuned to who his audience is, you can’t take your eyes off of him nor can you ignore his words.

His rich, baritone voice—reminiscent of actor James Earl Jones—commands you to listen. The former vice president of the S.C. Johnson Wax Co. called him the “Martin Luther King, Jr. of the corporate world who challenges the very soul of a company to be transformed.”

Ron is married to his best friend and the love of his life—Bathobile Gule Archer, a lawyer and corporate executive for a Fortune 500 company and an inspiring speaker in her own right. They are the proud parents of two sons, Chris and Jordan, and they make their home in the Atlanta area.

Ron is presently working with Hollywood film producers to make a full-length movie about his life as well as writing a book about growing up as the son of a seventeen-year-old single mother who was a stutterer tormented by kids in the school yard. It’s an incredible story of how God reached down and lifted him up to preach around the world, inspire others with his dramatic story, and share life lessons that can be learned from his incredible experiences.

Dr. Ron Archer is a Best Selling Author, A Business Executive, NFL Consultant, Military Leadership Consultant, Corporate Leadership Trainer, Presidential Advisor, TV Pundit, Envoy to Latin America, Africa, Europe and Korea.

He is also the leader of a Global Human Rights Movement throughout Africa and Latin America. Awarded the Martin Luther King Leadership Award for his work developing the hears, hearts, hands and habits of third world leaders to transform their nations from chaos to collaboration. Countries like Korea, Singapore, Kenya, Colombia and India credit him for his work in their countries to build improved schools, clinics, business models and governments reforms.

He is truly a Human Success Story. Born 
to a 17 year old single mother in the ghetto of Cleveland, Ohio with a learning disability, stuttering disorder, and molested. It is remarkable that he rose from the outhouse of life to the white house to advise several U.S. Presidents, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Prime Ministers, World Leaders and NFL Teams.

When you hear his compelling life story from his personal and professional journey from shame to pain to power, from wounds to wisdom from failure to fortune, from the out house to the White House, it will inspire every person in your organization to move from being a complainer to climber!

When you listen to what he had to overcome to get where he is today, it will bring tears to your heart and joy to your soul and faith to your team. 
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